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Are you practising for a musical performance at your wedding and looking online for the right tap dance shoes? Or is it the recent Covid19 lockdown that is pushing you to explore your dancing skills? Or maybe you are preparing with your crew for a new year’s party tap dance performance?

Hence, you need a supportive shoe in all these cases that can help in smoother transitions of dance steps. Therefore, our team has compiled a list of the most stylish yet comfy tap dance shoes for your guidance. So, scroll down & explore more!  

Why Do You Need to Buy Tap Dance Shoes?

You cannot use a running shoe for dancing; hence you need specially designed footwear to carry out this activity. Below are the reasons why must purchase the right shoe for the right job:

Rich Dancing Tapping Sound: 

Tap dance shoes have tap plates screwed to the bottom outsoles that produce the sound while dancing. You can tighten or loosen their fitting to achieve the desired tapping resonance. 

Anti-Slippery & Smooth Outsole:

Unlike trekking or hiking shoes with high traction in their soles, dancing shoes are not like that. Hence, such sandals have a suede bottom body to give the advantage of smoother sliding on wooden gym surfaces.

Soundboard & Heel Plates:

Dancing shoes have bottom heel & toe plates to prevent the shoe from wear & tear. Moreover, it contains a soundboard to keep the metal tap plates attached.

 Ultimate List of the Best Tap Dance Shoes

  1. Capezio Women’s Mary Jane Tap Shoe
  2. Capezio Women’s Flex Master Tap Shoe
  3. Bloch Women’s Chloé and Maud Dance Shoe
  4. Bloch Dance Women’s Annie Tyette Tap Shoe
  5. Girls’ Glitter Tap Sparkle Tap Shoe Bloch Dance
  6. Stelle Premium Authentic Leather Slipper Shoes
  7. Bloch Dance Women’s Tap-Flex Leather Tap Shoe
  8. Women’s Jason Samuels Smith Bloch Dance Shoes              
  9. Capezio Women’s 657 Manhattan Xtreme Tap Shoe
  10. Capezio Toddler/Little Kid Jr.Tyette N625C Tap Shoe

Our Top Favorite Picks

Capezio Women’s Mary Jane Tap Shoe

Product Highlights:

Capezio women’s Mary jane tap shoes make it to the top of our list of best tap dance shoes. This footwear model is available in the following colors: Black, tan, black patent, caramel, tan & suntan. Thus, giving you a wide range of shades variety to select according to your taste.

Moreover, an anti-skid heel prevents slip accidents during dance practices, thus protecting your lower limbs from injuries. Furthermore, the company designers have used leather for the manufacturing of exterior shoe frameworks. It provides extra durability & flexibility to the shoe during dance movements & steps. 

In addition, the foamy layer of cushioning absorbs high-impact kinetic energy & safeguards your feet. The cotton sock lining provides moisture management properties to the shoe. It absorbs all the foot sweat keeping it dry. Lastly, the Tele tone gives a tapping sound to the heel.

Key Features:

  • Weighs 8.2 Ounces
  • Anti-slip heel counter
  • Heel height measures 1 inch
  • Available in five different colors
  • Pure leather-based exterior body
  • Synthetic & micro rubber bottom outsole
  • Leather & cotton-based buckle strap closure mechanism
  • Cotton sock lining and hung lining for moisture absorption
  • A foamy padded insole provides shock absorption and comfort
  • Features pre-attached tele tone toe and heel taps mounted on fiberboard 
  • Buckles provide good ankle support
  • Cushioning absorbs high impact shocks
  • The interior lining of flower pattern fabric for beauty
  • Insoles are easily removable

Capezio Women’s Flex Master Tap Shoe

Product Highlights:

Capezio women’s flex master tap shoe is an iconic feature-loaded design of the company. It is available in only standard shades: Caramel & black. Hence, these colors are the best choice for a formal dance performance.

Moreover, the designers have used leather as the primary raw material for outer body production. Hence, it gives increased breathability & long life to the sandal. This design is available in a range of widths to accommodate all types of foot sizes. However, the measurement like length & width of the shoe is similar to street shoe size. 

In addition, the microfiber lining helps in sucking away all the unwanted sweat & moisture from the shoe space. Therefore, you will not suffer from smelly feet. A unique feature of this shoe is the Poron insole that offers anti-microbial properties to the footwear. Thus, it will keep the foot fresh & dry during the performance.

Key Features:

  • Weighs 6.4 Ounces
  • Imported commodity
  • Laces closure mechanism
  • Available in two colors only
  • Size ranges from 4 till 14 widths
  • 100% leather-based exterior body
  • TeleTone gives a catchy tap sound
  • Leather and synthetic bottom outsole
  • Shoe’s sizing is equivalent to street shoe size
  • Microfiber lining for foot moisture management
  • Folded edges and padded collar for smooth slide in
  • Poron insole provides maximum shock absorption capacity
  • It runs true to street size
  • Only Capezio dance shoe with Wider width
  • Style is unisex; both men & women can wear
  • Insoles only go halfway down the shoe length

Bloch Women’s Chloé and Maud Dance Shoe

Product Highlights:

Bloch has earned a good reputation for making the most versatile tap dance shoes. Hence, recently it has released a new footwear model called Bloch Women’s Chloé and Maud Dance Shoe. It is available in two colors: Pure black & blackish white.

Moreover, this is an imported item with a rubber sole on the bottom side. Thus, you can enjoy enhanced foot grip & hold while dancing. Furthermore, the company recommends the users purchase ½ or one size up than standard street shoe size. That footwear width will be the perfect fit according to your foot shape.

In addition, to add style to the outer look, the product designers have placed a heart-shaped charm on the top body. They have added their brand name to it to give a personalized touch to the footwear. The most amazing feature is the Bloch mega tap coupled with metal content to provide a deeper shoe sound.

Key Features:

  • Weighs 12 ounces
  • Imported footwear
  • Rubber bottom outer sole
  • Size available is 4 till 12 widths
  • Pure leather-based outer body
  • Buy 1/2 to 1 size larger than street shoe
  • Strong tap sound in the toe and deep tone in the heel
  • It has a removable Chloe and Maud heart-shaped charm
  • Features the Bloch Mega tap with a huge metal content & good audio engineering
  • Non-slip pads provide good foot & ground grip
  • Full sole tap shoes give support to lower limbs
  • Heart charm on both left & right shoe; attractive design
  • Not true to size; order 2 size up than street shoes

Bloch Dance Women’s Annie Tyette Tap Shoe

Product Highlights:

Bloch tap dance shoes yet again make it to our recommended list of Amazon’s bestseller ballet footwear. The company has introduced Bloch Dance Women’s Annie Tyette Tap Shoe. It is available in the following shades: Patent black, brown tan, tan, white & pure black.

Moreover, the footwear has a rubber bottom sole. Thus, you can experience ultra-lightweight & enhanced foot flexibility while dancing. The company designers have used synthetic raw materials for outer body manufacturing. Hence, it offers the advantage of easy cleaning & a water-resistant exterior structure.

Furthermore, the interior of the sandal has cashmere lining, which is a luxurious fabric that keeps your feet warm. The Bloch techno tap gives a rich sound to the shoe. In addition, the bottom side has foamy cushioning that sucks away all the high-impact shocks while dancing.

 It contains an elastic strap featured with a tied ribbon to provide good ankle support & look at the shoe. The sandal has anti-slip padding that safeguards your lower calves & tendons from skidding accidents.

Key Features:

  • Imported sandal
  • Weighs 7.4 ounces
  • Rubber bottom outsole
  • Five color options are available
  • 100% synthetic outer structure
  • Soft cashmere interior body lining
  • Bloch Techno taps for walking sound
  • The shoe size available is four till 11.5 width
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Buy one full size up from the street shoe measurements
  • Foamy padded insoles for extra comfort & moisture control
  • Features an elastic strap on the ankle area with a tied ribbon to hide elastic
  • A non-slip pro balance pad in resin outsole to distribute weight transference
  • Durable leather outer body
  • Elastic straps provide ankle support
  • Comfortable shoe design for wide feet
  • Not true to size; runs smaller than street shoe

Girls’ Glitter Tap Sparkle Tap Shoe Bloch Dance

Product Highlights:

Bloch has introduced the most comfortable & stylish tap dance shoes for little girls. It has launched Bloch Dance Girls’ Glitter Tap Sparkle Tap Shoe for toddlers. This footwear is available in the following sizes: 7 toddlers to 13.5 little kids.

Moreover, the product manufacturers have designed this shoe model especially for Toddlers (1 till four years) Little kids (4 till eight years). Hence, to provide an excellent grip to the baby’s feet, the company has added a rubber bottom outsole. It gives a lightweight feel to the shoe, thus putting less exertion during every dance movement.

In addition, the synthetic outer body adds durability & elasticity to the shoe body. The product manufacturers advise the users to buy shoe models half a size up than their standard street size. Also, the sandal contains a unique feature of side tied bow that adds modern style to the look.

Key Features:

  • Weighs 4 ounces
  • Imported footwear
  • Rubber bottom outsole
  • Removable elastic strap
  • 100% synthetic exterior body
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Go for 1/2 size up from the street shoe measurements
  • Grosgrain decorative tied ribbon bow wraps the shoe & hides the elastic strap 
  • It has an attractive glittery outer look
  • The elastic band gives good ankle grip
  • Can loosen screws for better tap sound
  • Narrow width shoes; need a size up

Stelle Premium Authentic Leather Slipper Shoes

Tap Dance Shoes

Product Highlights:

Stelle, a San Franciso-based tap dance shoes brand, has launched leather slipper shoes. It is available in the following colors: Ballet Pink (no Tie), black, pink, Black (no Tie), Pink (no Tie). The company has designed these sandals mainly for children. Hence, shoe size ranges from US 5M Toddler—Foot Length: 5.12″/13cm till US 3M Little Kid—Foot Length: 8.27″/21cm.

Moreover, the product designers have used leather as the main outer body manufacturing ingredient. Thus, it increases the life of the footwear and supports 2 to 3 hours of dance training sessions. The shoe structure undergoes less wear & tear due to the high-quality leather body structure.

Furthermore, the suede bottom outsole provides easy gliding & sliding capacity on wooden floors. Hence, your feet will experience less resistance during dancing transition steps. You can enjoy a smooth & effortless performance during your competition.

Key Features:

  • Weighs 2.4 ounces
  • Available in six different colors
  • Pure, premium & lightweight leather
  • Features Bar-tacked elastic drawstring
  • Suede leather bottom outsole for better durability 
  • The company has two decades of experience in professional dance shoe manufacturing
  • Full leather sole for better stability
  • No left & right; can wear in any foot
  • The body does not overstretch after long usage
  • Not washable; requires leather cleaning treatment

Bloch Dance Women’s Tap-Flex Leather Tap Shoe

Tap Dance Shoes

Product Highlights:

Bloch Dance Women’s Tap-Flex Leather is also a good option for tap dance shoes. It is available in two formal shades: Black & tan. Hence, you can pair these with your dance wardrobe.

Moreover, the rearfoot has a heel counter to safeguard your foot from slipping during fast-paced dancing steps. Also, it adds height to your physic giving grace to your performance. Furthermore, footwear manufacturers have used leather as the primary raw material for outer body production. Therefore, you can enjoy greater breathability & flexibility in the foot space.

In addition, the Bloch shockwave helps in giving a catch & sexy tapping sound to the shoe. The inner body of the footwear has a Kashmir fabric lining. Hence, you can enjoy a smoother & lighter feel. Plus, the split sole feature gives the benefit to the dancers to point the foot and increases the visibility of the arches. The anti-skid pad in the forefoot will provide a good grip on the wooden floors. 

Key Features:

  • Weighs 2 pounds
  • Available in two colors only
  • Features strong heel counter
  • 100% leather-based exterior body
  • Shoe sizes available are four to 12 narrow widths 
  • Bloch’s Shockwave taps to give a good shoe sound
  • Buy shoes 1/2-1 size up from street footwear size
  • Notched collar at heel to reduce pressure on Achille’s tendons
  • Full Kashmir interior body lining for comfort & moisture control
  • Full leather split sole allows free foot movement & greater support
  • Non-slip pro balance rubber pad in forefoot protects from slipping & gives balance
  • Can make toe stand in these shoes
  • Taps are removable; both toe & heels
  • Crisscross lacing gives good foot grip
  • Tight forefoot; less room for toes

Women’s Jason Samuels Smith Bloch Dance Shoes

Tap Dance Shoes

Product Highlights:

Bloch has been manufacturing amazing tap dance shoes for the ladies. One of them is Bloch dance women’s Jason Samuels Smith. It is available in two formal shades: Black & white. Thus, you can pair these shoes with your official dance uniform.

Moreover, being an imported item, this footwear comes with a grain leather-based body. Thus, you can enjoy the advantage of a durable shoe with tough outer body layering. In addition, the metal bonding screws stick the tap strongly in the correct position & place.

Furthermore, it has a vintage & oxford style design that goes best with formal dresses. It contains a heel tap plate that protects the heel from wear & tear after multiple usages. The steel resonance plate gives louder & deeper tap sound during a dance performance.

Key Features:

  • Imported product
  • Weighs 12 ounces
  • Available in two colors only
  • Size ranges from 4 till 12 widths
  • Pure soft grain leather-based outer body
  • Metal bonding screws will hold the taps in place firmly
  • Oxford style shoe with high tap plate contact with a flat surface
  • Features triple stacked heel and double stacked stiff leather bottom sole 
  • Steel resonance plate between tap and leather outsole for deeper tap sound
  • Good arch support & balance
  • The shoe gives a loud & clear tap sound
  • Has extra skid pads to prevent from slipping
  • Runs small; toe box is tight

 Capezio Women’s 657 Manhattan Xtreme Tap Shoe

Tap Dance Shoes

Product Highlights:

Capezio Women’s 657 Manhattan Xtreme Tap dance shoes are a masterpiece design for dance lovers. This American footwear company has manufactured the sandal in only two shades: black & caramel.

Moreover, the footwear is available in a wide range of sizes; thus, all types of foot shapes can fit. The shoe has a leather-based exterior body that gives a high end & classy outer look. It enhances the stretchability & flexibility of the sandal as well.

Furthermore, the foamy cushioning provides extra softness & comfort to the heel & forefoot area. It also helps in reducing the impact of the foot striking the ground while dancing. Also, the duotone gives a classic sound to the shoe every enhancing & beautifying every dance movement step.

Key Features:

  • Weighs 1.2 pounds
  • Anti-slip heel counter
  • Full leather interior lining
  • Available in two colors only 
  • Sizing is the same as street shoe size
  • Size available from 4 till 11 wide widths
  • 100% leather-based exterior framework & sole
  • Foamy padded cushioned footbed for extra comfort
  • Features contoured heel in mid-height with leather top lift
  • TeleTone toe & Duo Tone heel taps fixated on spring steel soundboard
  • Affordable pricing
  • The flared heel gives a resonant sound
  • Shoe lining keeps the foot warm & safe
  • The back of the shoe comes over the heel

Capezio Toddler/Little Kid Jr.Tyette N625C Tap Shoe

Tap Dance Shoes

Product Highlights:

Capezio Toddler/Little Kid Jr.Tyette N625C Tap Shoe is yet another versatile & stylish shoe for children. It is available in the following shades: Black Patent, Caramel, White. However, the black patent shoe has PVC top body & caramel, and the white sandal has PU leather uppers.

These tap shoes have non-slip insoles, thus preventing skid accidents & injuries. Moreover, the elastic strap provides grip & hold to the ankle while dancing. The grosgrain ribbon tie adds a beautiful touch to the appearance of the shoe. It contains microfiber lining in the inner body; hence your feet will remain dry & sweat-free.

Also, the sandal has padded collars which help in an easy slide-in of the foot in the foot space. The footbed has premium cushioning to absorb and suck away all the high-impact kinetic energies. Lastly, the tele tone feature gives a click-clacking tapping sound to the shoe.  

Key Features:

  • Weighs 6.6 Ounces
  • Imported footwear
  • Available in three colors
  • Scored rubber non-skid insole pads
  • Heel height measures around 1 inch
  • Follows street shoe size measurements
  • Features elastic strap & Grosgrain ribbon tie
  • 100% synthetic based outer structure & sole
  • Brushed microfiber interior lining for moisture absorbent
  • Size available from 5.5 toddlers till 13.5 wide little kid widths
  • Achilles notch with a padded collar for smooth slide-in of the foot
  • Flexible outsole with a foamy padded footbed for extra foot comfort
  • Tele Tone toe and heel taps placed on fiberboard for shoe sound features   
  • Inner lining protects baby feet
  • The sound quality of the tap is good
  • The elastic strap keeps ankle in the correct angle
  • Size runs small & hurts the feet

Buyer’s GuideThings to Consider Before Buying Tap Dance Shoes:

Following are the key characteristics & features you must look at while purchasing a good tap shoe:

Material of the Exterior Body:

You must select a dancing shoe that uses leather, canvas, or polyurethane as raw material for outer body manufacturing. Since ballet involves many steps like shuffle, ball change, step heel, etc., Hence, these materials add a lot of elasticity & stretchability to the shoe while dancing.

Shoe Fastening Options:

When looking online, go for shoes that have X-shaped elastic straps or adjustable leather buckles. So that it keeps the feet & ankles in an aligned posture while dancing. It provides tight grip & holds to the footwear, hence preventing loose-fitting & slip accidents.

Height of the Heel:

A good heel length gives a rich tapping sound while dancing. Hence, you must buy sandals having 1- or 2-inch heels. It will increase your height & provide a lot of class to your performance. The heel will keep the foot off the floor, hence preventing the rear foot from striking the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Do I wear socks with tap shoes?

Yes, you must wear socks with the shoes to prolong the life of the tap dance footwear.

Q) Can you wear tap shoes outside?

Outdoor usage of the tap sandals can damage its metal shoe plates & can catch stones in the sole. Hence, you must not wear them outside.

Q) Should tap shoes be tight?

Yes, they must fit snugly in the forefoot area because, after frequent usage, the shoe body stretches. Hence, it will provide room for the dancer’s feet. 

Q) What makes a good tap shoe?

Firstly, tap shoes should provide good arch & heel support. Secondly, both beginners & professionals must buy full-soled tap dance footwear. 

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