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Are you an outdoor sports lover and planning for a refreshing & adventurous vacation? Or do you enjoy testing your physical & mental strength limits? Or maybe you are bored of your boring routine life. Then Sparta race is the right option for you. But before jumping into such tough activities it is important to buy the best shoes for the spartan race.

So, to make your life simpler, our team has made a comprehensive list with all the specifications & details of the best shoes available in the market.

What is Spartan Race & What Activities You Play in It?

Spartan Race is an obstacle race of different distances and difficulty levels. These are mostly held in America and many European countries. These are extremely tough races that test your physical & mental strength, determination & courage.

Following are some of the games that participants play during the contest:

Spear Throw:

You have to throw a spear with full force on the designated mark. The competitor runs to gain speed, momentum, and upper body strength to hit the target with full energy.

Rope Climbing:

It demands the competitors climb up the hanging vertical ropes with the support of only their hands. It’s like a full-body workout that challenges your upper body muscle strength and good technique to avoid slipping.

Bucket Carry:

In this activity, you have to carry a certain gallon of a bucket for around 300 to 400 meters. The one who has better back strength, posterior chain endurance, and glute strength will win this race.

List of Best Shoes for Spartan Race

  1. Inov-8 Men’s Mud claw 275
  2. VJ XTRM OCR Shoes – Trail Running Shoes
  3. Merrell Men’s Agility Synthesis Flex Sneaker
  4. Salomon Men’s Speed Cross 5 Wide Trail Running
  5. Salomon Men’s Speed Cross 4 Trail Running Shoes
  6. Reebok Unisex-Adult Sole Fury Trail Running Shoe
  7. Inov-8 Men’s X-Talon G 210 – OCR Shoes – Trail Running
  8. New Balance Men’s Nitrel V1 Fuel Core Trail Running Shoe            
  9. La Sportiva Men’s Mutant Backcountry Trail Running Shoe
  10. Inov-8 Men’s X-Talon 230 – Lightweight OCR Trail Running Shoes

Our Top Favorite Picks

Inov-8 Men’s Mud claw 275

Best Shoes for Spartan Race

Product Highlights:

INOV-8 men’s mud claw 275 makes it to the top of our list of best shoes for the spartan race. This shoe model is available in five different fittings which include (10, 11,13, 14, 15 narrows). It is the best footwear brand for training athletes with graphene-infused rubber soles which is an extremely thin material yet 200 times stronger than steel.  

This feature helps in providing the toughest grip and traction to the foot bottom on rugged terrains. To support this, the company designers have added 8 mm cleats in the shoe; which are protrusion or extensions of the rubber bottom sole. It provides friction and resistance on slippery and soft surfaces. 

This attribute makes footwear the best fit for running long miles. For the manufacturing of the outer body, the product designers have used ballistic nylon which provides high resistance to cracking and durability to the shoe. The printed rubber rand adds height to the outer appearance of the shoe. It has a good heel-to-toe drop that provides elevation to the foot and reduces direct heel striking to the ground.

Key Features:

  • Weighs 2.2 pounds 
  • Available in one color; reddish-black 
  • Has five different shoe sizes according to foot width 
  • Best fit for fast running fast over long distances & gradients 
  • Strong 8mm stud claws to give hold & grip on tough terrains 
  • Full rubber printed rand gives premium protection & better appearance 
  • Manufactured from a water-resistant material with a 6mm heel to toe drop 
  • Upper body made from ballistic nylon; reduces wear & tear and makes it lightweight  
  • Graphene enhanced rubber outsole provides maximum sticky grip and good durability
  • Best fit for a savage race
  • Close-fitting shoes for soft & muddy terrains
  • Shoe body quickly dries out after getting wet
  • The shoe is not waterproof

VJ XTRM OCR Shoes – Trail Running Shoes

Product Highlights:

The VJ XTRM is specially designed for running on rocky and rugged terrains. This obstacle course running trail running shoe provides excellent grip & stability on rough surfaces. 

It has the feature of a slip-resistant rubber outsole that protects your knees and foot from any unfortunate falling accidents. The 6 mm deep cleats offer good traction and firm hold on dirty & muddy ground. 

For the production of the outer body, the product designers have used a percentage of 48% Kevlar & 52% polyester raw materials. This helps in building a tougher exterior body that guarantees shoe protection & good durability for use in difficult topographies. 

The cushioning units in the toe and heel area provide comfort and shock absorption properties while running. Also, this trail running shoe contains full-length plastic or carbon fiber material rock plate in the bottom sole to safeguard your feet from irregularly shaped stones.  

Key Features: 

  • Weighs 1.34 pounds 
  • Anti-slip rubber sole 
  • Available in reddish-green color 
  • Medium size available. The toe box is not too wide or narrow 
  • For excellent comfort; cushioning pads in the rear & front foot  
  • 6 mm deep cleats in the bottom sole, with a 4 mm heel to toe drop 
  • The company recommends ordering half a size up for optimal fitting 
  • Shoe manufacturing raw material ratio: 48% Kevlar & 52% Polyester 
  • Full-length rock plate in the outsole; safeguarding foot from pointed rocks and sticks
  • Shoe sheds water quickly
  • Best fit for OCR & sky running
  • Runs true to size with good fitting
  • They don’t have holes for water drainage

Merrell Men’s Agility Synthesis Flex Sneaker

Product Highlights:

Merrell has manufactured an iconic shoe called the men’s agility synthesis flex sneaker. It is made in America. The company has manufactured this model in five variant colors which include wrasse, cichlid, exuberance, monument & Orca. 

On the bottom side, it has an anti-slip sole that protects your knees and joints from falling accidents. A good heel-to-toe thickness plus lug depth can help the runners to land the foot more easily onto the ground and providing good grips on difficult terrains respectively.  

This will reduce the chances of Achilles tendonitis, shin splints & stress fractures. The top body has jacquard and Thermo polyurethane lacing system which gives high elasticity & flexibility during the walk. To protect the toe from high impact hitting or collision, the company has added a synthetic toe cap in the forefoot. 

The shoe’s exterior body uses a combination of synthetic & mesh raw materials that provide enhanced breathability to the footwear. The rock plates in the midsole help in offering good foot placement on a sandy or debris-filled surface. Moreover, the double-directional flex grooves help in giving optimal control in foot bending while playing games.

Key Features:

  • Weighs 1.3 pounds
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Available in five different colors
  • Slip-resistant bottom rubber sole
  • Heel to toe drop: 6mm & lug: 5mm
  • Stack Height (heel/toe): 30.7/22.7mm
  • Synthetic toe cap for extra safety of front foot
  • Has jacquard and TPU lace closure mechanism
  • Rock plate for support & stability in the foot area
  • Outer body raw materials are; synthetic-and-mesh
  • M Select GRIP outsole provides durable traction & grip
  • Removable EVA foam insole to accommodate orthotics 
  • Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) heel counter for protection
  • Dual-directional flex-groove for better hold on metatarsophalangeal joints
  • Good shoe fitting according to feet contours
  • Ideal for hiking in rainy weather; slip-resistant
  • Best for 50k ultra & marathon-length training runs
  • Little arch support for flat feet

Salomon Men’s Speed Cross 5 Wide Trail Running

Product Highlights:

Salomon works on the vision to create the most comfortable men’s shoes for the Sparta race. Being an imported product, the company has added a rubber outsole at the bottom. It helps in providing good protection against wear & tear during running activities. 

The deeply rooted claws provide excellent grip and traction on tough wet surfaces while trail running. Hence, safeguarding you from slip accidents and injuries. The shoe is available in multiple wide-fit sizes for males, females & kids ranging from 7 to 14. 

Being an ultra-lightweight shoe, it helps your foot to undergo less exertion during every step of the walk. Hence, all its features make this footwear an ideal commodity for outdoor sports activities

Key Features:

  • Weighs 11.29 ounces
  • Imported sneaker with wear & tear resistant rubber outsole
  • Available in two formal colors (Black Phantom & Grape Leaf)
  • Has good grip, accurate foothold & perfect wide fit shoes for trail running
  • Deep clawed lugs to give good traction, grip, stability in wet & dirty terrains
  • Best for outdoor sports like running, hiking, backpacking, mountaineering & skiing 
  • Available in sizes for kids, men, and women; providing a smooth ride on rugged surfaces
  • Has removable Ortholite sock liner
  • Provides the best stability for trail running
  • Water-resistant; can wear in rainy weather
  • The shoe size runs a bit small

Salomon Men’s Speed Cross 4 Trail Running Shoes

Product Highlights:

Salomon has been working on the philosophy to create feature-loaded shoes for Sparta runners. The company has designed trail running shoes called Men’s Speed Cross 4. This footwear model offers five different color options like metallic black, Sulphur spring, bluestone, acid lime, grape leaf, etc., 

The company has chosen pure synthetic material for exterior body manufacturing which makes it lightweight. Being imported footwear, it has corrosion plus wears and tear-resistant bottom Contrgrip rubber sole. This will give a longer life to the shoe by protecting it from sharp debris and stone on muddy surfaces. 

The EVA midsole provides good balance during sports. Moreover, the engraved grooves help in offering the highest degree of traction to maximize performance and reduce the risk of injury. The zig-zag lacing keeps the foot in good shape and provides a stronghold during outdoor games. 

Key Features:

  • Weighs 10.58 Ounces 
  • Available in five different colors
  • Pure synthetic material outer body
  • Imported sneaker with corrosion-resistant rubber sole
  • EVA midsole for good stability and premium cushioning
  • Midsole height measurement 30mm/20mm (10mm drop)
  • Strong grip & traction on the soft ground due to bottom grooves
  • The accurate foothold for optimal pressure in sporting activities
  • Contragrip rubber sole that gives water and oil resistance on surfaces
  • Crisscross lacing mechanism for 1 pull tightening; easy to slide in shoes
  • Trendy exterior body with zig-zag stripes
  • Long-lasting; can survive for around 3 years
  • Supports savage, OCR race & hiking
  • Not recommended for weight lifting

Reebok Unisex-Adult Sole Fury Trail Running Shoe

Best Shoes for Spartan Race

Product Highlights:

Reebok has been a trusted big name in the shoe industry. It has designed Unisex-Adult Sole Fury Trail Running Shoe for Sparta sports lovers. The top body of the footwear has a zip-up tongue system with a lacing mechanism to safeguard you from falling due to loose shoe fitting. 

It is an imported item and is available in three catchy colors which include purplish-black, brown, grey rosette. It has a bottom synthetic sole that offers an ultra-lightweight feel to the shoe. The graphite plate can help reduce the pain of multiple foot issues like turf toes, minor sprains, fractures, etc. 

The neoprene outer structure provides good water & temperature resistance thus, keeping your foot dry & warm. The EVA sock liner provides a good cushioning and a softer feel in the foot space for intense running activities. Plus, the split midsole will give the runners the desired bending and stretchability in the rear and front foot. 

Key Features:

  • Weighs 9.8 ounces
  • Zip-up front shoe tongue closure
  • Imported sneaker with a synthetic sole
  • Available in three different vibrant colors
  • Graphite plate in the midsole to provide stability & balance
  • Neoprene exterior body with hotmelt and synthetic overlays
  • Die-cut EVA sock liner to offer extra cushioning and softer footbed
  • Split EVA midsole design to add flexibility & bending in the bottom sole
  • Stylish & cool exterior body design
  • The split sole gives optimal balance to the foot
  • Excellent cushioning for rugged surfaces
  • Not true to size; need to order ½ a size up

Inov-8 Men’s X-Talon G 210 – OCR Shoes – Trail Running 

Best Shoes for Spartan Race

Product Highlights:

Inov-8 has introduced men’s X-Talon G 210 – OCR Shoes – Trail Running. It is available in its signature blackish blue color. The company has designed multiple sizes ranging from 1 to 5 shoe widths to accommodate all foot types.

It has a 3mm heel-to-toe drop which provides effortless landing of the front & rear foot during running. It has a feather-like ultra-lightweight to put less strain and exertion during every step. The company has manufactured its outer body using water-resistant materials to protect it from shoes becoming heavy when walking on wet muddy terrains.

The 8mm stud claw will give premium quality grip and clutch to the bottom foot in rugged and unleveled terrains. The breathable exterior structure provides good ventilation to dry out all the sweat in the foot area. The graphene-enhanced rubber outsole provides long life and balance to the shoe. 

Key Features:

  • Weighs 1.4 pounds
  • Available in blue and black color
  • Size range available in 1 till 5 shoe widths
  • Ultra-lightweight & uses water-resistant body materials
  • 3mm heel to toe drop for balanced muscle engagement
  • Contains 8mm stud claw for good foot grasp on difficult terrains
  • Breathable, comfy lightweight & soft upper body to dry out sweat and water
  • Graphene enhanced rubber outsole to give strong grip and enhanced durability
  • Very stylish & lightweight
  • Great traction & water drains easily
  • Cushioning absorbs shocks on rugged terrain
  • Some don’t like the snug-fitting of shoe

New Balance Men’s Nitrel V1 Fuel Core Trail Running Shoe

Best Shoes for Spartan Race

Product Highlights:

New Balance has brought into the market a new shoe called Men’s Nitrel V1 Fuel Core Trail Running Shoe. This model is present in nine colors which include navy, grey-blue, pacific, orangish black, reflection, blackish blue, reddish-black & dark convert green. 

On the bottom side, it has AT tread sole that provides the push for fast-paced on & off-road running. As it is an imported sneaker, the company has used a waterproof rubber outer sole that safeguards from slip accidents.  

To protect your forefoot area especially your toe from hitting & accidentally colliding, the product designers have added a toe cap. The Revlite midsole provides extra flexibility and the highest degree of stretchability while running. 

The 8 mm heel-to-toe drop allows smooth landing of the rear and forefoot; thus this elevation will protect you’re your lower limbs & calves from injuries. The synthetic exterior shoe structure gives the shoe the advantage of easy cleaning & ultra-lightweight. The zig-zag lacing provides a good grip of the ankle & toe.  

Key Features:

  • Weighs 9.5 ounces
  • Available in nine catchy shades
  • AT Tread outsole; best for on & off-road running
  • Sole extension to shoe forefoot for toe protection
  • Imported sneaker with water-resistant rubber sole
  • Revlite midsole provides extra responsiveness & durability
  • Zero sewn material on the outer body with 8mm heel to toe drop
  • Pure synthetic outer body structure with Crisscross lacing feature
  • NB Response 2.0 Performance insert for increased speed while running
  • Orthotics can fit the insole area
  • Neutral cushioned shoe for better stability
  • Provides good grip on muddy & wet surfaces
  • Not best for road running

La Sportiva Men’s Mutant Backcountry Trail Running Shoe

Best Shoes for Spartan Race

Product Highlights:

LA Sportiva Men’s Mutant Backcountry Trail Running Shoe is yet another perfect footwear for high-intensity Sparta races. It has an outer body of synthetic material which provides good bending and flexibility to the shoe. 

Owing to its amazing features 7 benefits, it has earned the title of gear of the Year from the outside magazine & possesses the award of editor’s choice from the trail runners. The Airmesh fabric gives enhanced ventilation & airflow in the foot space. This keeps your foot moist and sweat-free during warm summers. 

The shoe has Spyral tongue technology that gives a softer & smoother slide in of the foot. The 4-way stretch dynamic screen guard gives adjustment to foot while walking on rugged rocks. The super grippy FriXion XF coupled with the Impact Brake System helps to provide the optimal resistance and friction while running at high speed. V grooves on the sole help in forefoot flexion in the metatarsophalangeal joints (MPJs).

Key Features:

  • Weighs 12 ounces 
  • Pure synthetic exterior body 
  • Water & slip-resistant rubber bottom sole 
  • Has the Editors’ Choice award from trail runner 
  • AirMesh fabric for enhanced breathability on hot days 
  • Possesses gear of the year title from the Outside Magazine 
  • Spyraltongue technology pair up for good fitting for trail running 
  • Ultralightweight structure with premium cushioning for tough terrains 
  • 4-way stretch dynamic screen guard gives protection against loose rock 
  • Super grippy FriXion XF sole with Impact Brake System to help in running 
  • Integrated Fusion gate lacing harness with high-frequency reinforcements  
  • V-Groove gives good traction and stability on slick trails and unlevelled ground
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Sticky rubber sole provides good grip
  • High cushioned shoe for trail running & hiking
  • Not best for concrete surfaces; only soft grounds

Inov-8 Men’s X-Talon 230 – Lightweight OCR Trail Running Shoes

Best Shoes for Spartan Race

Product Highlights:

INOV-8 has crafted Men’s X-Talon 230 – Lightweight OCR Trail Running Shoes. This footwear is available in three colors which include black/blue-grey, reddish-black, & grey teal. The shoe is manufactured in multiple narrow to wide sizes 5.5 to 15. 

The product designers have used a balanced proportion of synthetic and mesh raw material that gives ultralightweight and unparallel breathability to the shoe. It also has 8mm engraved lugs that provide a good grasp & clutching to the foot on unleveled surfaces during racing. 

The bottom rock plate in the midsole provides footbed safety while walking on irregular paths. It has grade 1 precision fitting of the toe box that allows your foot to enjoy shoe of measurements according to your foot contours.

Key Features:

  • Weighs 1 pound
  • Available in three different colors
  • Shoe sizes present in narrow to wide 
  • Synthetic rubber outsole for softer and stickier grip
  • Synthetic-and-mesh raw materials for the outer body
  • Uses grade 1 precision fitting hold foot in the right posture
  • Has 8mm lugs for enhanced traction on both dry & wet conditions
  • Adjustable rock plate in the midsole of the shoe for underfoot protection from rocks 
  • The shoe is true to size
  • Precision fitting; 1 till 5 widths
  • Good cushioning for tough terrains
  • Heavier than other trail running shoes

Buyer’s Guide-Things to Consider Before Buying Best Shoes for Spartan Race

Following are the main things to consider before buying the perfect shoes for the spartan race.

Heel to Toe Drop:

Most athletic shoes have a heel-to-toe drop in between 0 to 12mm. For trail running, during high-intensity sports, an optimal heel-to-toe height will help in a smoother landing of your foot. This will save your rear & front foot from high-impact striking injuries. The lower limbs will be able to maintain proper balance and muscle management.

Bottom Sole Grooves:

The bottom grooves in the sole add extra traction, grip & friction between the shoe and the floor. This provides a good grasp of the shoe on rugged surfaces. It will prevent you from slipping or falling. Flex grooves will help in offering forefoot flexibility in the metatarsophalangeal joints. Hence do take into this consideration this feature while buying a shoe.

Excellent Quality Cushioning:

Cushioning will help absorb all the high kinetic energy impacts during running. This will safeguard your knees and hip joints from hurting. You will feel less foot pain and reduced strain in the lower calf. Soft foamy padding will keep your feet safe and will distribute your body weight on the entire foot to provide you comfort.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What shoes should I wear for Spartan Race?

You should wear trail running shoes for the Sparta race because they have good traction, stability, and shock absorption properties.

Q) How do you wash shoes after a Spartan race?

Laundry surfs are meant for washing clothes. Hence you must use soaps especially designed for running shoes, for example, Nikwax sandals. This way shoe quality will not suffer from damage.

Q) What do you wear to a Spartan race?

For the upper part of the body, you must wear moisture-sucking tight synthetic soles. While for the lower limbs you need to use trail running shoes with good grip for long races.

Q) Can you wear gloves during a Spartan race?

Yes, you will require gloves, to protect your hands from mud and dirt while climbing obstacles in the race. 

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