Are you looking online for the best water shoes for men? Or are you planning to go on vacation to an island and require footwear that can handle the wet ground? Or maybe you are a water sports lover who enjoys surfing, boating, canoeing, kayaking, and need the right pair of durable shoes to go on your adventures?

Then, you have clicked on the right blog. Here, we will guide you in-depth about the best water shoes currently available in the market that is worth your money. We are sure that you’ll find every bit of information in our buyer’s guide that you have been searching online.

So, let’s get going!

What Makes Best Water Shoes for Men Different from Normal Shoes?

Following are the key areas that make water sneakers different from typical running shoes:

Better Temperature Regulation

Going to the beach and enjoying your evening in cold water can cause you a bad fever. The synthetic sole of the water shoe can help control hot and cold feet temperatures. Plus, it contains neoprene insulation which traps a thin film of water. The body present at the foot gets forwarded to and warms up this water, thus maintaining an optimal foot temperature.

Water Damage Resistant

Such shoes are different from standard running shoes because they are more durable due to the presence of perforations in the upper mesh. These allow easy water drainage through holes and constant ventilation keeps its structure dry and firm.

Improved Grip & Traction

While playing multiple sports activities like swimming, boating, surfing all requires responsive plush and reflexive reactions during the game. Hence, these shoes have water grain outsoles to provide unparalleled hold and grasp of the feet on slippery surfaces, saving you from accidents.

 Ultimate List of the Best Water Shoes for Men

  1. Merrell Men’s All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoes
  2. Aleader Women’s Mesh Slip on Water Shoes
  3. Speedo Men’s Water Shoe Surfwalker Pro 3.0
  4. Teva Women’s Omnium Sandal
  5. 3T BAREFOOT MAX Water Shoe
  6. KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal
  7. Columbia Men’s Drainmaker Iv Boat Shoe
  8. Vibram Men’s Five Fingers, V-Aqua Water Shoe
  9. Zhuanglin Men’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes
  10. SIMARI Mens Womens Water Shoes Sports Quick Dry Barefoot Diving Swim Surf Aqua Walking Beach Yoga

Our Top Favorite Picks

Merrell Men’s All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoes 

Best Water Shoes for Men

Product Highlights:  

Merrell has introduced an amazing trail sneaker for males. This all-out blaze sieve shoe contains a synthetic sole which makes it lightweight, versatile, and durable for trail running in wet muddy terrain. It has an outer casing of full-grain leather upper, which is a high-end, long-lasting material. The leather shoe helps in giving it a stronger and sturdy look.  

It contains an integrated lacing system. This allows the footwear to wrap around your feet just like a glove, giving it a stronger grip and better fitting. It has a neoprene stretch collar in its design. This assists the consumer to easily insert your foot on and off again without any difficulty. 

The company has put in a protective toe cap so that you don’t experience immense stress or pressure on the forefoot area. It will safeguard you from potential injuries. It possesses a kinetic Fit BASE removable contoured insole, which enhances your comfort level and provides greater arch support. 

Key Features: 

  • Weighs 1 pound 
  • Protective toe cap 
  • 100% synthetic sole 
  • Available in three different colors 
  • The outer body of full-grain leather material 
  • Integrated lacing system for better shoe fitting 
  • Protective toe cap to reduce pressure in the forefoot 
  • Kinetic Fit BASE removable insole for accelerated comfort 
  • Instant drying
  • Easy side-on shoe
  • Sturdy body structure; can survive in tough terrains
  • Lightweight; easier transition from water to land
  • Outsole quality requires improvement

Aleader Women’s Mesh Slip-on Water Shoes 

Best Water Shoes for Men

Product Highlights:                

Aleader has introduced this amazing water shoe masterpiece for females. The company manufactures its outer framework by using high-quality fabric with upper mesh lining. This gives the footwear a softer and breathable feel. It has a rubber sole at the bottom which makes it slip-resistant in wet conditions.  

It has SOLYTE midsole technology. The advantage of this type of material is that it is half in weight as the standard EVA sponges used in running shoes. It offers 20% greater shock absorption capacity than normal shoes, hence saving you from major injuries. 

Also, It has a water grain outsole that provides greater grip and traction in wet environments. It contains ComforDry Sock liner. This offers accelerated cushioning to absorb maximum shocks due to rebound. It helps in sucking away all the moisture from the foot keeping it cool, dry, and fresh. It has an outer layer open mesh that aids in good quality breathability and instant drying.  

Key Features: 

  • Weighs 11.29 Ounces 
  • Available in 15 different vibrant colors 
  • Upper mesh lining for greater breathability 
  • The outer casing of fabric with rubber bottom sole 
  • Solyte lightweight midsole technology for shock absorption 
  • Water grain outsole to provide maximum traction in wet surfaces 
  • ComforDry Sock liner to provide comfortable cushioning and moisture management 
  • Easy slip-on due to no laces
  • Instant drying due to outer mesh
  • Slip-resistant with good surface grip
  • Breathable; keeps foot health in better condition
  • Bad for rocky adventures like hiking

Speedo Men’s Water Shoe Surfwalker Pro 3.0  

Best Water Shoes for Men

Product Highlights                  

Speedo has introduced an iconic water sneaker for boys. The company uses 100% neoprene for the outer body casing of the footwear. It helps in trapping a thin layer of water between the neoprene insulation and shoe body. It works on the mechanism where it transfers the body heat from the foot down to the trapped water, thus helping in regulating feet warmth.  

Being an imported commodity, it has a lightweight rubber sole at the bottom which is abrasion-resistant. Thus, protecting your footwear from instant wear and tear. It has stretchable uppers providing greater flexibility and easy slide into the shoe space.  

It has an S-trac outsole which offers good traction and slip-resistant properties. A meshy upper outer lining provides maximum breathability thus protecting your feet from odor and bad smells. It even makes your feet dry quickly                             

Key Features: 

  • Weighs 8.8 ounces 
  • Instant-drying materials 
  • Available in 3 different colors 
  • Imported & rubber bottom sole 
  • 100% pure neoprene outer casing 
  • S-trac outsole offering slip resistance 
  • Outer mesh lining for maximum breathability 
  • Stretchable uppers for better fitting & easy slip in 
  • Easily washable
  • You can swim in them
  • Good tight-fitting & grip
  • Breathable fabric with fast draining
  • Rubber sole provides good grip on wet slippery rocks
  • Not suitable for hiking
  • Thin material; does not protect against stingray

Teva Women’s Omnium Sandal 

Best Water Shoes for Men

Product Highlights 

Teva designs high-performance footwear for females. Ominum sandal uses 100% synthetic or meshes material for exterior body manufacturing. This makes it breathable and gives a lighter step feeling. Being an imported product, it has a rubber bottom sole that keeps you safe in wet conditions. This will save you from slips, trips, and falls. 

The heel height is 1.5″. This elevation will provide good positioning during a wide range of motions. It will provide support to your hip joint and balance to the posterior portion of the body. It is a closed-toe sandal with grosgrain webbing overlays. These are ribbon-like structures attached to the upper body. The sole top has multiple drainage ports which makes it highly breathable and dries out the moisture. 

It has a molded EVA foam which allows you to enjoy greater durability and toughness at low temperatures. This gives the shoe the quality to bear stress and pressure without the risk of breaking. It contains ShockPad technology in the heel to absorb maximum rebounds. Its design includes a quick buckle strap release and it contains a non-marking rubber outsole which makes sure that no spots are left behind while you walk. 

Key Features: 

  • Weighs 11.2 ounces 
  • Heel height is 1.5″ 
  • Closed-toe sandal 
  • Quick-release buckle strap 
  • 100% synthetic/mesh outer casing 
  • Available in two colors (Slate & Gargoyle) 
  • Has ShocPad Technology to protect heels 
  • Molded EVA foam midsole to provide stability 
  • Imported with non-marking rubber bottom sole 
  • Shoe labeling includes ‘W’ which refers to a woman 
  • Various drainage ports for quick drying through the mesh lining 
  • Supportive; allow room for orthotics
  • Airy & breathable; good for summers
  • Molded sole with good arch support
  • Adjustable & stretchable tongue area for easier shoe slip on
  • Narrow width toe box


Product Highlights 

Surf 9 LLC has crafted the most flexible water shoe for men. It uses 100% pure synthetic for manufacturing of shoe body. This material allows the shoe to retain its shape and makes them durable for tough terrains. Being an imported product, it does not have rubber but a synthetic sole, which provides high-temperature resilience and easy to clean. It has a three-toe design structure which gives you a barefoot feel walking experience.

It is a zero-heel lift or zero drop shoe which works on the mechanism expecting less push from the shoe gear and absorbing more strength from lower limb muscles. Hence, it helps in improving your body posture and alignment.

It has a low-profile ultra-grip sole which gives extra traction to the shoe while walking in multiple types of terrains. The company has added a shock lace system coupled with a hook and loop strap. This gives a good grip to the feet and allows the user to effortlessly slide in or take off the shoes without any injury.

All these features make the sandal best for water sports like fishing and stand-up paddle. Last but not least it has an integrated drainage system that allows in and outflow of air, keeping your feet dry.

Key Features:  

  • Weighs 5.2 Ounces
  • Available in 5 different colors
  • Pure 100% Synthetic material
  • Imported with a zero-heel lift
  • Low profile ultra-grip outsole for maximum traction
  • Integrated Drainage System (IDS) for instant drying mechanism
  • Designed mainly for water sports like swimming, kayaking, etc.,
  • Flexible and adjustable shock lace system with hook & loop strap
  • Instant drying due to good water drain system
  • No marks left behind while walking
  • Less impact resistance capacity
  • Runs a bit smaller in size for wide feet people

KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal 

Product Highlights                 

Keen Adults – US SHOES has launched a high-performance sandal for wet environments. For this shoe article, the company uses 100% pure polyester, which provides quick-drying properties with a strong and flexible outer structure. Being an imported shoe, it has a bungee or elastic lacing system that makes it easier and quicker for you to slip on shoes, always giving you an on-the-go feeling. 

It also has a rear pull-on loop so that you can wear the shoe without damaging the heel counter. This will keep the shape of footwear intact, making it more durable. This sporty sandal has a contoured arch system to increase foot comfort for people suffering from overpronation. It is best for consumers with flat foot issues as it sucks away a tiring feel from the foot. 

The best part is that all KEEN products are machine washable. So, after coming back from a muddy terrain trip you can add a small quantity of detergent and wash it on a gentle cycle. Let it air dry. It contains metatarsal ridge support which has a built-in cushioning system to provide extra comfort. It further helps in aligning crooked toes back to their original anatomical position. 

Key Features: 

  • Weighs 14 Ounces  
  • Metatarsal ridge support 
  • A rear pull-on loop is present 
  • Imported with razor sipped sole 
  • Free of perfluorinated chemicals 
  • 100% pure polyester outer body 
  • It is available in 32 different colors 
  • Elastic or bungee lacing system for easy slip-on 
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane stability shank to provide stability 
  • Washable polyester webbing upper featuring the odor-reducing Aegis Microbe Shield 
  • Easily washable
  • Instant feet drying
  • Good wet surface traction
  • Rugged sole; easy walking on rough & uneven surfaces
  • Not recommended for people with a wider foot
  • They run small; need to order half a size up

Columbia Men’s Drainmaker Iv Boat Shoe 

Product Highlights  

Coloumbia has brought into the market the most comfortable boat shoe –The Drainmaker. This water footwear uses 100% textile. This fabric outer covering helps in adding breathability and variation in designing. The rubber sole adds a lightweight feel to the footwear and saves you from slippery accidents. It has a low-top from arch which is best for flat fleet people. 

The company uses the advanced technology of Techlite footbed offering superior quality cushioning with high impact absorption properties. It has adjustable straps to fix them according to your foot shape and width. It has a synthetic upper body, which makes it easy to clean and affordable. This shoe provides good wet traction and leaves no marks behind as you walk. It is a multi-terrain sandal offering an Omni grip on both wet and dry surfaces. 

Key Features

  • Weighs 12 ounces 
  • Available in six cool colors 
  • An outer body of 100% pure textile 
  • Imported with rubber bottom sole 
  • Adjustable straps to provide good fitting 
  • Advanced technology Techlite Footbed for premium cushioning 
  • Good traction grip property for all kinds of surfaces (wet, dry, snow) 
  • Synthetic upper framework with non-marking wet traction rubber outsole 
  • Instant drying properties
  • Shoe drains all the water out of sole
  • Roomy & wider toe box; feet hurt less
  • The idea for rock climbing in water streams
  • Not waterproof

Vibram Men’s Five Fingers, V-Aqua Water Shoe 

Product Highlights                                                              

Vibram has crafted a comforting and stylish water shoe for boys. V-aqua uses a combination of synthetic and mesh as raw materials during manufacturing. Being an imported sandal, it has a rubber bottom outsole to save you from tripping on oily or greasy surfaces. 

It also has a mega grip outsole which provides great traction in either wet, dry, or snowy surface. It has drainage perforation to let water out of the shoe. This will keep both your footwear and feet dry and smell-free. Even if you are hiking on muddy terrain, you can easily clean/wash your sneaker and enjoy a brand-new look once again. 

Its V-aqua EVA insole with silicon treatment provides unparallel durability even on rugged terrains. Further, it also aids in giving a desirable amount of stability and flexibility to the lower portion of your body, hence ensuring better ground adaptation. 

Key Features: 

  • Weighs 13.3 ounces 
  • Available in 4 different attractive colors  
  • The outer body of synthetic-and-mesh material 
  • Imported with bottom rubber sole 
  • Mega grip outsole for better traction in all types of terrains 
  • Drainage perforations for moisture management 
  • Washing and cleaning is possible; Air dry afterward 
  • Good grip and fitting like a glove
  • Best for SUP surfers; saves from feet bruises during wipeouts
  • Dries out quickly under sunlight
  • Little to no arch support

Zhuanglin Men’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes 

Product Highlights:                               

Zhuanglin has launched an outstanding water shoe design for males. These aqua shoes use 90% fabric as the main raw material for outer body manufacturing. It has a rubber sole with an upper mesh lining to provide maximum breathability. Thus, the air inlet and outlet allow foot moisture to dry out and prevent the shoe from feeling weighing down. 

It has SOLYTE midsole technology. Unlike the typical sponges in marathon shoes, this solid material is 50% less in weight, giving your every step a lighter feel. In fact, It has premium quality foaming which provides it 20% greater shock absorbing qualities than the normal shoes. 

Also, It contains a water grip outsole that offers enhanced traction and grip on slippery outdoor surfaces. It has a ComforDry Sockliner which gives comfortable and softer cushioning to absorb rebounds and shocks. You can use it in wet activities without any problem because it has quicker drying properties.  

 Key Features: 

  • Weighs 8.01 ounces 
  • Rubber bottom sole 
  • An outer framework of fabric material 
  • Available in 22 different vibrant colors 
  • Outer layer mesh lining for better breathability 
  • Water Grip outsole providing better-wet surface traction 
  • Solyte midsole technology for a lightweight feel and better durability 
  • Has ComforDry Sockliner offering layers of cushioning for shock absorption 
  • Comfortable and true to size
  • Shoe drains quickly & feet dry faster
  • Breathable; can use for water workouts
  • Best for water aerobics due to the sturdy rubber sole
  • Not for long hours standing job like lifeguards

SIMARI Mens Womens Water Shoes Sports Quick-Dry Barefoot Diving Swim Surf Aqua Walking Beach Yoga 

Product Highlights:                                                             

Simari has put out an amazing sports water shoe for boys. This aqua footwear uses 92% polyester which provides greater flexibility and a stronger outer body. It has a rubber sole in the bottom offering unmatched durability and water resistance. It has a stretchable upper mesh fabric body that fits like a sock around your foot. This will help in giving it a breathable and flexible feel.

The company follows an ergonomic principle to add unparallel soft cushioning. Every sole has eight holes to provide quick drainage of water and instant drying of the feet. Hence, your shoe space will not remain wet and a bad smell will not develop. You can enjoy a fresh, cooler, and healthier feel in the feet.

It has an elastic shoelace locking mechanism. This saves you from the hassle of tying laces. It locks your shoe according to your desired foot shape and fitting. It has a flexible shoe neckline which allows you to easily slide in your feet and quickly take off without any pain or difficulty. Hence, it is best to fit for water games like swimming, surfing, sailing, etc. 

Key Features: 

  • Weighs 10.41 ounces
  • Available in 45 different catchy colors
  • Uses 92% polyester for manufacturing
  • Stretchable neckline with elastic shoelace
  • Rubber sole with the ergonomic design principle
  • Stretchable upper mesh with sock-like fitting
  • Sole with 8 holes for drainage & breathability
  • Best for water sports activities like volleyball at the beach
  • Elastic shoelace; flexible and adjustable shoe fitting
  • Ergonomic design; better durability and traction
  • Bump textured outsole; safeguards feet from sharp rocks
  • Color may get dull after few washes

Buyer’s Guide Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Water Shoes for Men  

Following are things to take care of before jumping on to buy a new water shoe:

Good Breathability

A water sneaker must have a meshy outer lining, so that ventilation could happen. This will allow your feet and shoe space to dry out and drain easily. This will stop any moisture or water weighing the shoe down. Air in & outlet would inhibit the growth of bacteria and foul smells in the footwear.

Greater Comfort

Some shoes have an extremely tight toe box or wrap around your feet with great unbreathable fitting. This leads to pain in the ball of the forefoot and rear area. Hence it is better to choose footwear that is elastic and stretchable. This will not leave your feet bruised after a few miles of the walk.

Premium Quality Outsoles

Bottom soles of either rubber or synthetic material will provide better traction and grip needed on wet & slippery surfaces. Select footwear that has lightweight and durable soles so that it can survive multi-terrain surfaces (e.g., wet, snow, dry).

Hence, these are the main things you must look for before making a final decision of buying a water shoe.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q) Are water shoes waterproof? 

No, they are not. They have a mesh outer layer that allows air inlet and outlet, thus quickly drying out the moisture from your feet. 

Q) What are water shoes used for? 

Water shoes come into use for surfing, kayaking, fishing, and boating. In all these activities your feet are likely to get wet. 

Q) Are water shoes good for walking?  

Yes, you can wear them while hiking, trail walk, and casual walking in-home or mall. 

Q) Should water shoes be tight or lose? 

They should be fit enough to wrap around or cling to your foot shape. Hence, yes it should be tight but not too much that it becomes uncomfortable. 

Q) What is the difference between aqua socks and water shoes? 

You wear aqua socks in shoes that have a chance of getting wet. While water shoes on the other hand are used at the sea.

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