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Truly, there is nothing of the sort as the best shoes for skating. Everything relies upon individual inclination. Without a doubt, some shoes last more than others; some give a more board feel and make it simpler to kickflip your skateboard. Others offer heaps of heel uphold and can manage impacts. 

This post is about the shoes we tried, and I think we got a shoe for each kind of skater. The measures for testing are: 

Toughness: how long do they last. 

Board feels: are you ready to perform effectively? When will they truly break-in? 

Effect: would they be able to deal with tremendous ollies and 7-steps? 

Solace and fit: consistent with size, reasonable for more extensive feet, or incredible for limited feet? I got you covered! 

Bands: will they tear quickly, or is there a shoe that can manage this stuff? 

Ultimately, you went to the perfect spot for the individuals who need harmless to the ecosystem skate shoes. 

How would you realize skate shoe kicks will best supplement your tre-flips? Or, on the other hand, maybe you need some additional help for ollieing 7-steps? 

The Best Skate Shoes 

best skating shoes 

My nearby SkateboardersHQ team and I tried the shoes here. The skaters are from various levels. None of them are masters; however, one used to ride seriously. This way, you find out about how long they last and what shoe will work for you. This rundown isn’t done. There are many shoes to come. 

These shoes are incredible for skating. Some didn’t make the rundown. You are searching for the best shoes, so I will not suggest whatever satisfies our quality guidelines. 

We should take a gander at several skate shoes, do a short survey, and show you the wear following a few months. I truly couldn’t imagine anything better than to show you how long they, in reality, last, so we’re following the hours. 

Significant note, we skated Jessup grasp tape, not pristine (around 1 to 2 months old). 

1. Etnies Joslin 2 

Etnies Joslin 2 skate shoes on a skateboard 

Named after one of California’s mysterious skating weapons Chris Joslin, the Etnies Joslin2 is an expert skate shoe based on the Etnies Marana, with a similar Michelin outsole yet more refreshed. It’s an amazing shoe and may look massive right away; however, it’s entirely adaptable and lightweight. 

Input from the rider: 

Bunches of effect obstruction when I ollie steps. You barely feel anything! Amazingly grippy shoes and the Michelin soles barely indicate wear in the wake of skating for more than two months. When the hold begins to bite box the calfskin, they wear quick, which was somewhat amazing. 

Even though this is a cupsole, the shoe is truly adaptable. I like them the most for flick stunts on the level and ollieing steps, and the heel and lower leg region feel great. Contrasted with the Nike SB Shane, I skated beforehand. They offer less board feel. I think it took around 4 to 6 hours to break them in. 


This is the most agreeable shoe on this rundown with bunches of curve support. It feels incredibly good, has respectable insoles (extraordinary effect security), and regardless of its cumbersome appearance, it’s entirely adaptable. The Michelin soles are crazy, with magnificent effect retention and bunches of curve and heel support. 


When I unpacked them and investigated the shoe, I anticipated that it should be entirely sturdy. Nonetheless, this isn’t the situation. When the trim defenders are gone and the toe sewing wears, they will wear incredibly quickly. 

If you don’t fix them or take some preventive measures, you can discard them following 80 hours of skating. If you fix them, you can add 40 hours at any rate. 

Board Feel and Grip 

Very much like the Etnies Michelin Marana, this Joslin variation offers a capsule plan with the Michelin elastic compound outsole that offers brilliant hold and execution. They need an ideal opportunity to break in, more than a portion of different shoes we tried, however, it just takes around 5 to 6 hours, not terrible.

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