Doing an 8 to 12 hours job shift, standing as a retail worker in the store can take a toll on your lower limbs. This extended period of work results in the exertion of body weight directly onto the cushioned footbed of the shoe. Hence, causing quick compression of padding & easy wear & tear of shoes. Thus, this type of job demands specially designed best shoes for retail workers. 

So, we are here to guide you step by step in choosing the right footwear that can survive this tough job routine for many months. 

How Are Best Shoes for Retail Workers Different from Normal Shoes?

Following are the key areas that make both shoes different from each other:

Heel height:

Shoes for retail workers have a heel height of 0.5,1,2 inches. Because using a flat feet shoe for long hours can cause plantar fasciitis. A little wedge will safeguard your heels and forefoot from hurting or getting injured due to constant pressure and stress.


When working for longer job shifts, a heavy and bulky shoe can make it difficult for you to move here and there quickly in the store. Such shoes demand double exertion for every single step that you take. Hence, retail job footwears are generally lightweight so that it won’t drain out your energy.

Premium Cushioning:

Shoes for extra standing work are different from running shoes in their high-quality cushioning technology. Putting all your weight for half a day can depress poorly padded shoes. Hence, accelerated foaming can keep your lower limbs safe.

For further details, let’s dig in and explore more about all the available options that you can avail.

List of the Best Shoes for Retail Workers

  1. New Balance Men’s Mx608v4
  2. Vans Women’s Slip-on Trainers
  3. Clarks Men’s Open Toe Sandals
  4. Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe
  5. Reebok Women’s Classic Nylon SP Sneaker
  6. ASICS Men’s Gel-Cumulus 20 Running Shoes
  7. ECCO Men’s Minneapolis Bike Toe Slip on Loafer
  8. Grasshoppers Women’s Stretch Plus Lace-Up Sneaker
  9. Saucony Women’s Pro Grid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe
  10. Skechers Sport Men’s Afterburn Memory Foam Strike on Training Shoes

Our Top Favorite Picks

New Balance Men’s Mx608v4

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Product Highlights

The team of New Balance has designed an amazing shoe for men. It’s called Mx608v4. It uses a slip and water-resistant rubber bottom sole to provide a comfortable stride on wet surfaces. The company uses pure leather for the manufacturing of its outer body. This gives a high-end and classy look to it. 

It has IMEVA (Injection-molded EVA foam) of height 10 mm. This will provide accelerated cushioning responsiveness. It has a soft padded mesh tongue for a smoother slide-in of your feet. The designer has added a pull tab at heels so that the user would not have a hard time taking on or off the shoe. It has a Crisscross shoe lacing mechanism to keep the feet in the right position by providing good grip & fitting to it. 

It has a fabric lining which increases the breathability in the shoe space. This will help in evaporating the buildup of sweat and its odor. Also, it possesses a dual-density collar at the insert area. This will provide an easy slide into the shoe space.

Key Features:

  • Weighs 12 ounces 
  • Imported with rubber sole 
  • Available in 15 different colors 
  • 100% pure leather outer casing 
  • IMEVA midsole. 10 mm drop or height 
  • Soft padded mesh tongue for easy slip-on 
  • Pull-tab at heel for easy sliding of the heel 
  • Lacing mechanism for tight foot grip & fitting 
  • EVA footbed for weight distribution and stability 
  • Breathable smooth fabric lining for moisture absorption 
  • Has dual-density collar for flexible and soft foot slide in 
  • Best for plantar fasciitis due to arch support
  • Removable insoles to accommodate orthotics
  • Wide, stable base with optimal footbed support
  • Some say; not best for long hours standing

Vans Women’s Slip-on Trainers 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Vans-Womens-Slip-On-Trainers.png

Product Highlights: 

Vans has crafted the most comfortable slip-on trainers for ladies. It has a leather-based exterior casing to give it a sturdy and vintage look. It is a bit bulky with breathable fabric lining. The micro-perforation helps in the easy in and outlet of air. This helps in providing moisture management characteristics in the shoe space. The airflow will not allow the growth of bacteria and fungus, thus keeping your feet healthy and safe. 

To add to this, it has a roomy round toe box that prevents your feet from suffering from tight-fitted shoe space. This will save your feet from any numbness or swelling in the forefront or heel area. It also has a rubber bottom sole which increases the durability of the shoe, by protecting it from wear and tear.  

Last but not least you can save your precious seconds because it does not put you in the hassle of tying the laces. You can easily slide in your feet effortlessly. 

Key Features: 

  • Weighs 3 pounds 
  • Spacious & comfy round-toe 
  • Available in 36 different colors 
  • 100% pure leather exterior body 
  • Breathable perforated fabric lining 
  • Soft and abrasion-resistant rubber-sole 
  • True to size & washable
  • Unisex & nonslip bottom sole
  • No hassle of tying laces; easy slip on
  • Not water-resistant

Clarks Men’s Open Toe Sandals 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Clarks-Mens-Open-Toe-Sandals.png

Product Highlights: 

Clarks open toe sandal is yet another shoe ideal for retail workers. It uses pure leather for the production of its exterior body framework. This makes the shoe more durable against environmental changes. Since leather molds according to the contours of your foot shape hence it gives a good fitted outer look to the shoe.  

Being an imported commodity, it has a lightweight rubber bottom sole which provides good bending and waterresistant properties to the shoe, protecting you on wet terrains. These are available in shades like dark brown, sage, grey nubuck, navy suede, tan leather, etc., 

It also has a good heel height of around one inch. This gives you a good height and protects you from flat foot problems. The Ortholite footbed helps in controlling moisture-related issues. It sucks away all the smelly sweat present in the shoe space. The lacing system adds a stylish touch to the shoe and prevents you from toppling over while running. 

Key Features: 

  • Weighs 1.13 Pounds  
  • 100% pure leather outer body 
  • Available in 14 different shades 
  • Imported with lightweight rubber sole 
  • Heel height measures approximately 1 inch 
  • Ortholite Footbed for moisture-wicking properties 
  • Lace-up system for enhanced foot grip and fitting 
  • Uses high-end nubuck leather
  • Waterproof & slip resistant due to rubber sole
  • Foot space odor-free due to Ortholite footbed
  • Not true to size
  • Some say, they run a bit larger

Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Merrell-Mens-Jungle-Moc-Slip-On-Shoe.png

Product Highlights: 

Merrell has launched an amazing shoe line for retail workers. One of their footwear is Jungle Moc slip-on. It uses synthetic leather for its outer body casing. This allows the exterior body to withstand scratches and crapes. Plus, artificial leather provides resistance against ultraviolent radiations protecting your shoe color from fading. You can even easily clean this footwear after coming from a long walk to again give it a fresh look.

Being an imported product, it has a rubber bottom sole to protect you from slipping on wet and greasy surfaces. To add a professional touch to the shoe, the company has added an embossed logo on its body. It has a soft padded collar with a pull-on loop to allow you to effortlessly insert your heels into the shoe space. It has a stretchable body to provide support on rugged terrains.

The company has added 3mm lug depth in the sneaker design. This will help in providing greater traction and grip on icy and wet surfaces. The M Select Dry Membrane keeps the shoe moist free in outdoor conditions. Thus, increasing the durability of the shoe. 

Key Features: 

  • Weighs 13 ounces 
  • 100% pure synthetic leather 
  • Available in 22 different colors 
  • Imported with Rubber bottom sole 
  • Embossed logo at the side for an enhanced look  
  • Dual elastic inserts for a stretchable & flexible top  
  • Padded collar with pull-on loop for a smooth slip-on 
  • 3mm lug depth for improved traction in multiple terrains 
  • M Select DRY membrane for waterproof properties in outdoor terrains 
  • Uses a mixture of nubuck leather & synthetic material for exterior body 
  • Good for long walks on trips
  • The shoe has no squeaky sound
  • Can use as slippers for kitchen work
  • Water and slip-resistant on an icy floor
  • Not a safety shoe; no steel toe inside

Reebok Women’s Classic Nylon SP Sneaker 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Reebok-Womens-Classic-Nylon-SP-Sneaker.png

Product Highlights: 

Reebok has crafted some classic pairs of shoes for retail workers who have long-standing jobs. It is called a Nylon SP sneaker. It has a rubber bottom sole which makes it corrosion resistant during different types of outdoor environmental conditions. Whether it is oily, wet, or snowy surface the shoe will retain its quality. 

It has a leather or textile-based exterior body which gives a softer and breathable feature to the shoe. This shoe is multi-purpose; either use it for regular wear or special formal looks. It has nylon and suede overlays on the top body. This adds spice to the overall look of the shoe, making it more attractive. Plus, nylon gives a lighter and durable feel to the sneaker. 

It has a foam padded sock liner. This will minimize the impact of your heel striking the ground hence, reducing the pain felt at the rear foot areas. The low-cut design aids in the faster and quicker transition of postures during workouts. It has a low-density EVA midsole to protect your footwear from instant wear and tear, providing it durability.

Key Features: 

  • Weighs 9.8 ounces 
  • Available in 67 different shades 
  • Imported with rubber bottom sole 
  • Leather and textile-based outer body 
  • Can use for regular wear and special classic looks 
  • Nylon water-resistant upper body with suede overlays 
  • Soft padded foam sock liner for support & soft foot space 
  • Has low-cut design for smoother & faster transitions during running 
  • Synthetic leather side stripes for enhanced breathability & vintage style 
  • Lightweight EVA midsole and high abrasion carbon rubber outsole provides cushioning 
  • Super comfy & true to size
  • Roomy & spacious toe box
  • Removable insoles for orthotics
  • Flat shoes; bad for plantar fasciitis

ASICS Men’s Gel-Cumulus 20 Running Shoes 

Best Shoes for Retail Workers

Product Highlights: 

ASICS’s Gel-Cumulus 20 is iconic design footwear, best fit for retail workers. This shoe is available in 7 different colors which include glacier, race blue, black, red alert, etc., At the bottom, the company has added a rubber sole that gives you a soft and flexible walk. It reduces your chances of slip accidents because it is waterproof. 

The outer body uses synthetic and meshes raw materials for manufacturing. Speva Foam 45 Lasting are the insoles at 45 degrees angle to absorb high impact kinetic energy that can damage your heels or toes. 

To add beauty to the outer look, the product designers have added night reflectors that provide visibility during darkness. It has an Ortholite sock liner to diffuse away all the sweat and moisture from the shoe box.  

This will prevent smell and bacterial growth in your foot. On top of this, it has low density flyte foam propel technology which uses nanofiber to provides air cushioning and protection from pounding pavements. Even it has Impact Guidance System technology for maximum rebound absorption. 

Key Features: 

  • Weighs 2.4 pounds 
  • Available in 7 different shades 
  • Waterproof & slip-resistant rubber sole 
  • Synthetic-and-mesh material outer body 
  • SpevaFoam 45 Lasting – minimizes impact energy 
  • Night Reflectors for visibility during low light hours 
  • Ortholite Sock liner – Moisture wicking characteristics 
  • Flyte Foam Propel Technology- for high energy return properties 
  • I.G.S (Impact Guidance System) Technology for shock absorption 
  • Comfortable & true to size
  • Can use for working out & running
  • Excellent impact & shock absorbing properties
  • A difference in color compared to online photos

ECCO Men’s Minneapolis Bike Toe Slip-on Loafer 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ECCO-Mens-Minneapolis-Bike-Toe-Slip-on-Loafer.png

Product Highlights: 

ECCO has introduced a multi-dimensional shoe having a lot of features for male retail workers. This toe slip-on loafer uses original leather for the manufacturing of its outer body. This makes the shoe eco-friendly as there is no involvement of harsh chemicals. 

It uses a lightweight rubber sole. So, if you are living in Canada or any other snowy place, this bottom sole will safeguard you from slipping on wet surfaces. Even it will save you from accidents on greasy or oily floors of the industry. It has a removable insole to create convenience for Orthotics. 

It has a limited color range available. Only two choices; Amber or Black. The company has injected a fluid form to provide extreme comfort and peace to the lower body of the user. The heel height of the footwear is around half an inch. This prevents the shoe from being too flat and you will have fewer chances of developing plantar fasciitis. Due to added height, you will not experience any inflammation in the heel area. 

It has a lightweight polyurethane sole which provides good temperature resistance and high elasticity, thus keeping your foot space warm & flexible. You can either pair this with ripped jeans or a formal look. 

Key Features: 

  • Weighs 11.8 ounces 
  • 100% pure leather exterior body 
  • Waterproof & slip-resistant rubber sole 
  • Removable insole to accommodate Orthotics 
  • Available in two different shades (Amber & Black) 
  • Fluid form direct-injected for accelerated comfort 
  • Platform or heel height measures around 0.5 inches  
  • Trendy styling coupled with masculinity and comfort 
  • Versatility in styling; can wear with both jeans & formal dressing 
  • Low-density PU outsole for increased elasticity and shock absorption 
  • Square & wide toe box
  • Soft sole with less pressure on heels
  • Heel height provides optimal lifting
  • Colored finish; not scratch resistant

Grasshoppers Women’s Stretch Plus Lace-Up Sneaker 

Best Shoes for Retail Workers

Product Highlights: 

Grasshopper has made high-performance footwear called stretch plus lace-up. Being an imported sneaker for women, it is all handmade. No machines have been involved in the manufacturing process; all man-made production.  

It has a criss-cross lace-up mechanism to give it a trendy look and provide grip to the foot to save your toppling over. It uses a lightweight slip and water-resistant rubber sole. This will safeguard you from accidents on wet or greasy surfaces. 

The soft padded tongue at the insert helps you to smoothly take on and off the shoe. These are available in only three different colors which include black, white & stone. No neon colors or too catchy shades. It has Drilex moisture absorbing lining to suck away all the sweat from the shoe area. This will help in maintaining a fresh, dry, and healthy condition of the feet. Last but not least it has a pure fit plus footbed to provide premium quality cushioning and stability

Key Features: 

  • Weighs 11.3 ounces 
  • Imported commodity 
  • 100% pure handmade/ manmade 
  • Lace-up sneaker for increased grip 
  • Waterproof & slip-resistant rubber sole 
  • Soft padded tongue and collar for easy slip-on 
  • Available in 3 different colors (Black, white & stone) 
  • Drilex moisture-absorbing lining to keep feet fresh 
  • Pure Fit Plus footbed with excellent arch support & cushioning 
  • Leather top body; easy to clean
  • Removable insoles for Orthotics
  • Lightweight & ample toe box space
  • Protects from slipping on wet surfaces
  • Not much heel height

Saucony Women’s Pro Grid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Saucony-Womens-ProGrid-Integrity-ST2-Walking.png Best Shoes for Retail Workers

Product Highlights: 

Saucony has designed Pro Grid Integrity ST2 footwear for females. Made in China, this shoe has a lightweight, water and slip-resistant rubber sole. This soft outsole helps in easy bending of the feet making it the best fit for doing different curving postures during the walk or workout.

For its outer body, it makes use of full-grain leather. This makes the shoe extremely and tough giving it a high-end look. This allows the top body to resist moisture extremely well. It has limited color range options; only white, stone, black are available. No too many shiny & vibrant shades. It has a sleek padded tongue and collar for easier slide-in. It also features a highly cushioned Walk-Trac comfort outsole to provide maximum relief to the feet while running.

Since it is a non-marking shoe, hence it will not leave the floor dirty when you walk past the area. It has a special feature of using a durable XT-900 material in targeted areas of the outsole. It has a grid cushioning unit to absorb all the rebounds. 

Key Features: 

  • Weighs 10 ounces 
  • Manufactured in China 
  • Waterproof & slip-resistant rubber sole 
  • 100% pure full-grain leather for the outer body 
  • Available in 3 different colors (Black, stone, white) 
  • Soft padded tongue and collar for smoother slip on  
  • Walk-Trac comfort outsole to provide a natural gait 
  • Non-marking walking shoe leaving no stains on the floor 
  • Long-lasting XT-900 material in high-wear areas of the outsole 
  • Grid cushioning unit for maximum shock & rebound absorption 
  • Easily washable
  • Removable insole; orthotic friendly
  • Lightweight & good shock absorption
  • Optimal arch support for less foot pain
  • Neutral shoes; no support for overpronation

Skechers Sport Men’s Afterburn Memory Foam Strike On Training Shoes 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Skechers-Sport-Mens-Afterburn-Memory-Foam-Strike-On-Training-Shoes.png

Product Highlights: 

Sketchers has brought into the market outstanding training shoes. For the manufacturing of this footwear article, the company uses a combination of leather and synthetic material for the production of its outer body. These raw ingredients give the shoe a durable and stylish look. You can take a damp cloth and easily clean such sneakers. 

It is available in a wide range of colors which includes black, grey, pebble, navy blue, brown, white, etc., It has a synthetic outer bottom sole which makes it water and slip-resistant on the floors of your retail shops. Plus, it gives a durable and lightweight feel to every step of your walk. 

It has a leather overlay lace-up to give a unique sporty outer look to the shoe. This creates an attractive appeal in the appearance of the footwear. It contains a memory foam insole for equal distribution of your entire body weight. It helps in absorbing most of the high-impact shocks and rebounds to protect your heel from injury. 

Key Features: 

  • Imported  
  • Weighs 12 ounces 
  • Available in 9 different colors 
  • Durable & water-resistant synthetic sole 
  • 100% pure leather and synthetic material for the outer body 
  • Leather overlay lace-up for smooth slip-on & better closure 
  • Memory Foam Insole provides heel cushioning for shock absorption  
  • Roomy & spacious toe area
  • Comfortable with good shoe fitting
  • Good arch support with shock absorption features
  • Can’t remove insoles without damaging the shoe

Buyer’s Guide- Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Shoes for Retail Workers

Following are the key factors to take care of before purchasing a shoe for long-standing jobs: 

Excellent Shoe Fitting: 

The shoe must follow the length and width dimensions of your feet. When doing jobs involving extended hours of standing it should have proper laces to provide your grip and optimal fitting in the shoe space. You cannot wear an extremely tight toe boxed sneaker for 8 to 12 hours because you’ll end up bruising your feet. You will suffer from swelling in the ball of the forefoot in such footwear. Hence, one must test the shoe fitting before buying it. 

Optimal Arch Support: 

Balanced arch support in the footbed of your shoe can help minimize or even eliminate heel & toe pain that occurs due to flat feet. This will allow proper alignment of the lower body which includes your ankles, hips, toes, and heels in line with the upper body. These inserts follow the contours of the foot shape and hence you must buy shoes that provide maximum support to provide your lower limbs greater relief. 

Minimal Weight: 

As a retail worker, you must wear lightweight shoes that do not give a bulky feeling during every step. Because heavy footwear can give a feeling of weighing down of legs and lower limbs. It becomes really difficult to quickly move here and there in the stores during the job. Hence, invest money in lightweight shoes so that you won’t make yourself feel drained out at the end of the day. 

High Durability of Footwear: 

When standing for 12 hours in a shoe for five or six days a week, it can completely compress the foamy cushioning. Hence, we advise you to place an order of footwear that can work for you for 3 to 4 months bypassing the hassle of replacing shoes after every few weeks. Buy shoes with a durable rubber or synthetic sole that are abrasion-resistant. It will protect against instant wear and tear. 

Frequently Asked Questions       

Q) What are the best shoes for retail workers? 

Generally, joggers, sneakers, canvas make it to the top in the list of the most suitable shoes for retail workers, because they are soft, flexible, and comfortable. 

Q) Why do my feet hurt after standing all day? 

Long hours of standing jobs cause muscles to become stiff and strained. It remains in a static and stretched position, hence causing tightening of the muscles. 

Q) What are the worst shoes for your feet? 

Flip flops, flats & high heels can cause more damage than barefoot. Even tight-fitting toe boxed shoes can cause bruises on your feet. 

Q) Why do my feet hurt after working in retail? 

Doing 8 hours shift in retails requires you to stand for an extended period. Hence, this puts a lot of stress on your heel and toe leading to injury. Plus, if you are wearing a poorly designed shoe that can also aggravate the pain. 

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