Whether you have recently undergone foot surgery or you are suffering from a short-term injury, the best shoes for broken feet recovery can help speed up your healing process. Whether you are a patient of bunions, plantar fasciitis, toe bruises, heel fractures, sprained ankles, or Morton neuroma, purchasing the right shoe can help protect your foot from further stress and damage.

Thus, for your guidance, we have prepared a list of top-rated shoes that will minimize the pain of foot fractures. Now you can also enjoy a comfortable walk in this medicated post-injury footwear.

So, let’s get down and check out our recommendations that will provide relief to your foot from chronic pain.

3 Main Causes of Broken Foot

Following are the common reasons that can lead to foot injury:

Car Accidents: 

A car crash can cause damage to the posterior ligaments, dislocation of knee joints, ruptured Achilles tendons, twisting of the hip joint, bone fractures, ankle sprains & bruises.

Falling from Stairs or Heights:

Any unfortunate mishap of slipping from heightened stairs can cause spinal cord damage, head & also neck injuries plus a bad fracture in the foot.

Overloading or Overuse Injuries:

Exerting immense stress & pressure on previously damaged or stiff muscles can lead to severe damage in the foot muscles.  

List of Best Shoes for Broken Foot Recovery

  1. ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe
  2. Brace Direct Post Op Recovery Shoe
  3. HOKA ONE ONE Ora Recovery Slide 2
  4. Ovation Air Cam Walker Walking Boot
  5. MABIS DMI HealthCare Post Op Cast Shoe
  6. Air cast-Pneumatic-Walker-Walking-Pediatric
  7. United Ortho Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot
  8. BraceAbility Post-Op Shoe for Broken Foot or Toe
  9. BraceAbility Orthowedge Forefoot Off-Loading Shoe
  10. Mars Wellness Premium Broken Fracture Square Walking

Our Top Favorite Picks      

ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe

Product Highlights:

Procare is one of the leading post-op shoe companies. It has designed a squared toe post-op shoe. This helps the patient feel less pain so that one can enjoy a better walking experience after a major injury or surgery.

The front squared shoe structure acts as a protective bumper to suck away all the shocks due in case your foot hits or collides accidentally. The bottom rigid rocker sole provides stability to the feet and reduces pressure exertion on heels, ankles, and toes.

Due to its amazing feature of universal fitting, it allows you to wear the shoe model either on the left or right foot. It contains high ankle strapping which helps in maintaining the foot direction in the right posture.

 The soft textile-based outer body helps in keeping the after-surgery dressing clean & dry, safeguarding the foot from further inflammations and trauma. 

Key Features:

  • Weighs 13.26 Ounces 
  • Shoe structure protects from forefoot trauma
  • High ankle strapping to keep the foot in good posture
  • Keeps the post-operative foot dressing clean and toes dry
  • Can wear either in the left or right foot due to universal fit feature
  • Square toe design acts as a foot bumper for shock absorption during a collision
  • Solid rocker sole supports post-surgery walks and minimizes pressure exertion
  • Shoe true to size
  • Works best for broken toe; heals faster
  • Available in a wide range of sizes (S, M, L, XL)
  • Totally flat & sturdy

Brace Direct Post Op Recovery Shoe

Product Highlights:

Brace Direct has launched post-operative & post-trauma recovery shoes for women. It also has a front square-shaped toe design that acts as a barrier for front foot protection from collisions. On the bottom side, it has an EVA sole that has maximum shock absorption qualities to safeguard your heel from striking the ground hard.

It uses three medical-grade straps to provide good adjustments for shoe fitting. Moreover, it has an open design that helps in good air circulation to prevent the buildup of sweat in the bandaged foot.

Moreover, It has excellent arch support that helps to keep the foot hip, and lower limbs aligned in the right position. Also, it provides the benefit of minimizing the pressure of your body weight felt on the fore & rear foot. The non-slip feature of the hose helps in reducing the chances of any unfortunate falling accidents.

Key Features:

  • Weighs 10.4 Ounces 
  • Features square open toe to forefoot protection
  • Lightweight & provides all day long usage breathability
  • Versatile shoe design; can wear either left or right foot
  • Non-Skid Tread support gives high-quality stability and balance
  • Shock-absorbing EVA rocker bottom sole with excellent cushioning
  • Adjustable three medical-grade strap systems for better foot fitting
  • Superior arch support to reduce pain & pressure in the fore & rearfoot
  • Roomy open toe area
  • Wide footbed; protects the foot from swelling
  • Can walk with this shoe without crutches
  • Chances of rubbing in wrong places; causes pain

HOKA ONE ONE Ora Recovery Slide 2

Product Highlights:

Hoka One One has designed an amazing masterpiece for broken foot recovery for ladies. In fact, It is a strapless shoe with an effortless slide-in design. It has a soft rubber outer body to offer a comfortable walk.

It has thick soles with good heel & platform height to provide shorter step length and reduced step frequency. Being an imported product, it has an optimal weight, because bulky shoes put extra strain and exertion on ankles while walking.

It has high-quality cushioning to support under pronation feet. It helps in absorbing high-impact kinetic energies in the footbed. The bottom sole has strategic grooves engraved on it. This allows the user to enjoy maximum hold and friction between the sole and the ground, hence preventing you from slipping.

It has double layer EVA footbed that gives a long-lasting life to shoes and provides extra comfort to users. The early meta rocker allows you to feel seamless heel-to-toe transitions while walking. 

Key Features:

  • Easy & comfy slip-on design
  • Soft top-layer for easy step-in comfort 
  • Heel & Platform height of 1 1⁄4 & 1 inches
  • Imported sneaker & weighs 11.99 ounces 
  • Maximum cushioning for shock absorption
  • Supports Neutral & under pronation (supination) feet
  • Strategic groove placement provides increased friction and traction
  • Early-Stage Meta-Rocker gives effortless heel to toe transition during a walk
  • Dual-layer EVA footbed sandal construction for unparallel durability & comfort
  • Works best for wide feet
  • Anti-slippery on wet surfaces
  • Good arch support; doesn’t make feet sweat
  • Size 10 is 80% more expensive than size 9

Ovation Air Cam Walker Walking Boot 

Product Highlights:

Ovation Medical has brought into the market the most comfortable shoe called air cam walker. The best part about this footwear is that it has a feather-like lightweight body. This helps put less stress on lower limbs during every step of the walk.

The feature of bowed struts provides the support to shoe and prevents it from creasing or bending. It allows you to enjoy balanced fitting in your lower limb muscles. It even has inflation bladders that require pumping every time you wear footwear. This will offer good cushioning and heel stability while walking.

It has six colored bottom soles which include red, standard grey, blue, orange, teal & black. This gives you the opportunity to match your shoe shade with your sports team. In fact, It even has a rocker bottom and round-edged outer body design to provide good foot spacing and walking stability.

Key Features:

  • Weighs 2.25 Pounds 
  • Ultra-lightweight medical footwear
  • Bowed struts provide good fitting around the calf
  • Pump inflation bladders for ankle heel and toe stability
  • Colored bottom soles to match your look with your favorite sports team
  • Rocker bottom and circular edges to provide a comfortable walking experience
  • Can hand wash liner
  • Adjustable straps for roomy foot space
  • Nonslip sole & supports the weak or fused ankle
  • Need to pump bladders every time before wearing

MABIS DMI HealthCare Post Op Cast Shoe

Product Highlights:

‎The product designers of MABIS DMI Healthcare have manufactured a post-operative cast shoe. This footwear is the perfect medicine for people suffering from broken toes or is in a post-surgery healing phase. This is because it has an extra room or wide toe for a bandaged foot.

Moreover, The outer body uses mesh fabric that helps in increased breathability and protects your feet from trapping a lot of heat and sweat. The open shoe design with a nylon mesh exterior structure helps in air circulation and does not worsen your wounds.

Due to the feature of universal fitting, it allows you to wear on any side of the foot I.e., right or left. The top body adjustable straps which include the hook & loops allows you to tighten the foot grip according to the width and height of bandaged feet. The slip-resistant soles give good grips to safeguard you from accidents.

Key Features:

  • Weighs 3.2 Ounces
  • A hook & loop velcro strap for secure fitting
  • Is a cast post-surgery or injury shoe; can wear for daily use
  • Nylon mesh & open-toe design for accelerated breathability
  • Non-Skid sole prevents from falling accidents & keeps bandage dry
  • Ankle stabilizer can fit in footpace
  • Good for wide foot & slip resistant
  • Can wear on swollen feet due to fluid retention
  • Too long velcro straps; hangs over the foot

Air cast Pneumatic Walker Walking Pediatric

Best Shoes for Broken Foot Recovery

Product Highlights:

DJO Global has made an iconic air cast pneumatic walking shoe for faster recovery of broken feet. This shoe is a perfect choice for day-to-day activities while you still are on a healing stage.

The shoe design is that it will support ankle sprains, tissue injuries, toe fractures, plantar fasciitis, and metatarsal problems. The solid bottom sole helps in providing enhanced mobility due to sufficient foot space without compromising on comfort.

The anterior part of the shoe has pre-inflated air cells and 2 extra duplex air cells. This gives good stability good the shoe. It also has a universal fitting benefit. Moreover, You can enjoy wearing a shoe on any left or right foot. It has a removable cast which helps in preventing foot bone loss. 

 Key Features:

  • Weigh 1.7 Pounds  
  • Supports Fast Injury Recovery
  • One pre-inflated air cell in the forefoot
  • Contains 2 extra air cells that you can separately inflate
  • Greater room for bandaged foot; providing maximum comfort
  • Low rocker bottom sole gives better walking experience after foot surgery
  • Has a hand pump for adjustment in the foot padding for required support
  • Has a removable cast with air cell cushions for support and cushioning for injured bones
  • Best for bunionectomy
  • Good support due to air cells
  • Excellent comfort with dressing
  • Too big & heavy shoe structural design

United Ortho Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot

Best Shoes for Broken Foot Recovery

Product Highlights:

United ortho is here to fix the problems of all their customers who are worried due to their broken foot injuries. It has introduced a short air cam walker for such patients. This shoe model has a feature of universal fitting that gives the user the advantage of effortless slip-on without caring about right or left foot.

It has air bladders at the footbed to provide unparallel cushioning and comfort levels during the walk. The custom-fit compressions allow the foot space to fill with air for better fitting in case you have ordered a bigger size.

The sturdy sole at the base of the shoe helps in minimizing the shock impacts to give you a non-bumpy stride. The plastic exterior shells will safeguard the shoe from any environmental hazards and collisions.

Key Features:

  • Weighs 2.30 pounds 
  • Universal Fitting; can wear in either right or left foot
  • Has Air bladders with custom compression for a comfortable stride
  • Rocker bottom sole has shock-absorbing properties which give smoother walk
  • Plastic molded shells with steel reinforcement provide feet protection & stability
  • Can wear on either foot
  • Doesn’t scratch hardwood floors
  • Thick & solid sole of good height
  • Not true to size; requires foot measurement
  • No customization option in shoe dimensions

BraceAbility Post-Op Shoe for Broken Foot or Toe

Best Shoes for Broken Foot Recovery

Product Highlights:

Brace Ability has been in the shoe industry for a long while, making the most stylish yet comfy shoes for broken feet people. Its model called the post-operative shoe has a freestyle fitting feature that gives you the convenience of wearing the footwear either on the left or right foot.

The partial open style of the shoe allows good air ventilation and circulation in the bandaged foot area. Thus, preventing the worsening of the wounds due to sweat build-up. The exterior forefoot square design acts as a bumper to reduce the toe hitting impact.

The three straps on the top body protect you from loose-fitting and hence reducing your chances of falling or tripping over. The orthopedic foam insole sucks away all the high-impact rebounds and provides the highest standard of cushioning to give a softer footbed feel.

On the bottom side, it has a solid rubber sole which provides good friction between the foot and the ground to give firm foot grip and hold while you are standing. 

Key Features:

  • Weighs 10.4 ounces
  • Universal fitting; can wear on right or left foot
  • A semi-open style for all-day comfort & breathability
  • Square toe box acts as a barrier and protects the front foot
  • Orthopedic foam insole for premium cushioning and shock absorption
  • Male & female post-op shoes with US men’s, women’s, and kid’s shoe sizes 
  • Three adjustable medical-grade fastener straps for good fitting of bandaged foot
  • Rubber sole with slip-resistant traction provides extra support after broken toe surgery
  • Slid rocker bottom gives good arch support to reduce pressure on the forefoot and heel
  • The shoe supports turf toe condition
  • Hand washable removable insoles
  • Adjustable straps for any foot width
  • Not waterproof
  • Inexpensive cardboard innersole

BraceAbility Orthowedge Forefoot Off-Loading Shoe

Best Shoes for Broken Foot Recovery

Product Highlights:

BraceAbility is one of the most advanced shoe companies producing premium quality medical footwear. The Ortho wedge Forefoot off-loading shoe is one of them. It covers all kinds of sizes like for males, ladies, and kids.

It has an outstanding feature of universal fitting that allows you freestyle shoes. You can wear the pair in either left or right shoes. The front foot square design protects your toe from any injury due to hitting.

The orthopedic foam insole provides relief to the lower and upper body. The ultra-soft footbed with high-quality cushioning helps in shock absorption while walking. It has adjustable medical-grade straps that are flexible according to the height and width of foot dressing.

It has a 15-degree Dorsi-angle bottom that redistributes your entire body weight to rearfoot or heels. Hence, it is the best fit for people suffering from foot inflammations and bruises.

Key Features:

  • Weighs 1.01 Pounds 
  • Available in US men’s, women’s, and young kid’s sizes 
  • Universal fitting; can wear on both your right or left foot
  • Square-toe design; a protective bumper against collisions
  • Orthopedic foam insole gives excellent heel support & cushioning 
  • Flexible medical-grade fastener straps to provide good fitting & foot grip
  • The company recommends heavy bandaging people to order half a shoe size up
  • Has a 15-degree Dorsi-angle bottom that transfers your weight to heels while walking.
  • Best fit for broken toe recovery, metatarsal fracture, diabetic foot ulcer, forefoot surgery like bunionectomy, a hammertoe or mallet toe correction
  • Anti-slip & sturdy sole
  • Minimal pressure exertion on the forefoot
  • Best for off-loading a post toe amputation
  • Requires foot measurement for accurate size

Mars Wellness Premium Broken Fracture Square Walking

Best Shoes for Broken Foot Recovery

Product Highlights:

Mars wellness premium broken fracture square walking shoe makes it to the list of top 10 best footwear for an injured foot. It has a special structure that keeps the bandaged foot dry, hence preventing any bacterial growth due to sweat build-up.

Moreover, The removable insoles safeguard the heel from high-impact striking. The outer body has ankle straps that help in good grip and fitting of the bandaged shoe. The special feature of universal fitting allows both men and women to wear shoes on either left or right foot.

The front shoe design is in a square shape which acts as a barrier to protect your feet from unexpected collisions. The rocker sole at the base of the shoe is slip-resistant to give enhanced grip and gait while walking. The padded heel provides ultra-cushioning and assists in desired foot positioning and location.

Key Features:

  • Keeps bandage clean and toes moist free
  • Has removable insole & weighs 8.78 Ounces
  • Ankle strap to adjust according to foot dressing
  • Universal fitting; can wear both in the left or right foot
  • Square toe design protects the front foot from striking or collision
  • Rocker sole with nonskid tread for maximum gait & secure walking
  • Padded heel reduces slip accidents & provides good foot positioning
  • No left & right foot distinction
  • Trimmable velcro straps for good grip
  • Provides good traction & grip for walk
  • Rocker sole is hard & low quality
  • Does not help with plantar fasciitis

Buyer’s Guide-Things to Consider Before Buying Best Shoes for Broken Foot Recovery

Comfortable Fitting

When walking on a broken foot there are increased chances of you slipping on floors due to improper balance or lose fitting. On the other hand, shoes strapped too tightly can cause further degradation of the injury. Hence, premium quality footwear with optimal snug support is ideal for broken feet.

Excellent Breathability

A bandaged fractured foot can be very discomforting. The tight dressing over the wound can create pressure and cause a problem in blood circulation. Thus, shoes with open toes and a comfortable textile-based outer body can help the air circulation in the footpace. Poor breathability can lead to sweating and further degradation of the wound 

Good Ankle & Arch Support

Optimal arch support for foot fractures can help keep the lower limbs in the correct posture and stability. In fact, Your chances of recovery will increase if your ambulatory shoe has a supportive insole. This will further reduce the pressure on Achilles’ tendons. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How long do you have to stay off a broken foot?

Normally the foot requires six to eight weeks to fully heal. For serious injuries, you might need surgery. Otherwise, an orthopedic or a medicated shoe can help in faster recovery.

Q) What should you wear with a broken foot?

You need to wear a professionally medicated & supportive shoe advised by your doctor. 

Q) Can a broken foot heal in 4 weeks?

The healing period depends on what foot bone you have fractured, plus the severity of your injury or wounds.

Q) What does a boot do for a broken foot?

Wearing boots on sprained ankles, shin splints & injured tendons will help protect your foot. It will reduce the pressure felt on lower limbs due to body weight.

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