Affiliate Disclosure

Understanding FTC Affiliate Disclosure

Bloggers and content creators have strong endorsement power and they can influence user’s purchasing decisions. Hence, in 2015 FTC (Federal Trade Commission) released its new rules for disclosure compliance. This will help in creating transparency in the affiliate marketing world.

For affiliate disclosure, FTC requires affiliate marketers to disclose their product sponsorship or partnership to the public.

They have to tell their readers or viewers of web media that they get a payment for the products they recommend. The content publisher needs to make the audience aware that they get money for sharing a link to the products they promote.

In compliance with the FTC guidelines, we hereby want to affirm about our links and products on this site that:

All links on Shoe Expres are affiliate links and we receive a small compensation from the sales of products through these links.

What Are Affiliate Links?

Every affiliate site has a special URL called an affiliate link. This web address contains the affiliate’s ID or username. We direct our visitors to Amazon merchandise for sale, when a user clicks on this affiliate link available our site.

Hence, when a user buys something, we earn credit from the online retailer for driving a sale to the advertisement site.

Customers will have to pay the same price when buying either through affiliate or non-affiliate links. An affiliate company receives a commission for referring traffic to the vendor’s website for their products and services. When promoting retailer’s products through affiliate marketing the company attains compensation for helping to bring customers to their website.

This way the brand doesn’t have any direct involvement. They are indirectly promoting the product through affiliate links.

  • Two Types of Affiliate Program of Shoe Expres:
  • Amazon Affiliate Links:

Shoe Expres has joined the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program. This affiliate program helps content creators and publishers of our company to monetize its traffic. In our buyer guides of an Affiliate program, we share about Amazon’s product by using custom linking tools. Thus, when a customer purchases products through affiliate links, Shoe Expres earns money. This advertising program of Amazon serves as a tool to promote merchant’s product and convince millions of visitors to buy that item.

Product Affiliate Links:

When a user clicks a product Affiliate link and generates a lead, then Shoe Expres earns a certain percentage of money from the number of products sold. We want to clear that these are not “pay per click” links. Hence, prices remain unchanged whether you buy through an affiliate or non-affiliate link.

Do We Upload Sponsored Content?

No, Shoe Expres does not write sponsored posts. Unlike sponsored content, we work on an affiliate model where we earn our share only if a product placement turns into a lead or sale. We believe in providing unbiased and authentic buyer guides. In case, we plan on putting up such sponsored content in the future we will disclose it.

For now, we would love our community to read our engaging and researched content, so that we get the maximum leads.